You will be receiving the emergencies that the panic button users activate in the Monitoring Center.  In order to access the Monitoring Center, you need to select it from the Menu central de monitoreo icono or click here. Note that you can have as many monitoring center windows as you need open simultaneously.

Alarm Activation: Upon activating an emergency, an alarm will go off that can be disabled by clicking on the bell-shaped icon on the bottom of your screen. Also, you can go to your active guard list (if you have one) and see the new active panic together with the corresponding person that has activated it.

In case multiple panics have been activated at the same time, they will appear in the active emergency list, so that you can select them one by one in order to see more information.

Available Information: Upon selecting an active emergency, the system will show you the respective personal information, a photo (if available) and the contact details, as well as the real time movement on the map of the person that has activated the panic button.

Available Actions: After you have selected a person from the information field, 3 buttons will appear on the right:

  • User Center: Appears as soon as the person’s position is obtained. When you click on it, the map will automatically center on his location.
  • Point of Interest: When you use the Center Point of Interest button, the map will show you the exact position configured for every individual. (For more information, see Managing Points of Interest for Panic Button Users).
  • Finalise: This button will trigger the finalisation of the emergency and send a notification to the panic button user. (See Finalising Emergencies.)