Buy going to Menu> Emergencies > Panic History, you will be able to see all the information regarding panic button activations.

By clicking on Search, you can filter the information by the name of the person that has activated the panic or by the date in which the emergency has occurred.

The emergency list consists of:

  • Name of the person that has activated the emergency.
  • Reason and description for finalization. This is the text that you enter when you finalize an emergency and the text that the user receives in the finalization notification. For more information, see Emergency Activation.
  • Start date.
  • End date.

Note: The emergencies that are active appear in red and do not have a finalization date. Once the emergency has been finalized on the Monitoring Center, it will turn green, awaiting for the user to accept and confirm the finalization on his device.

In order to look into the report in more detail, you can click on the  ver button and enter the emergency details, which will subsequently show you the map location of the emergency and a movement simulation of the person.

In case you have not finalized the emergency, you can click on the Finalize button, that you will see when viewing the emergency information.

Another way to finalize a panic, is to go to the monitoring center located in Menu>planeta. There you can see all the emergencies that have not been finalized, click on them and finalize them by entering the finalization description. See Finalizing Emergencies.