Monitoring Center Functions

It is basically the Guarnic platform itself, where you can manage and control in real time the guard assistance, routes, tasks and guard speed. Also, it allows the guards to communicate with the center through the management of events. Lastly, it receives the notifications generated by the Panic Button users, as well as those for any guard non-compliance. In order to […]

Finalizing Emergencies

To better understand how to activate an emergency, see Emergency Activation. To learn about the life cycle of an emergency, go to ​Emergency Life Cycle.​ Finalizing an emergency consists of 2 stages: Finalization on the part of the person responsable for the security in the web platform. Confirmation on the part of the user that has […]

Emergency Life Cycle

This article explains the functionalities of the activation, alarms, information sent and emergency finalisation, all triggered by the panic button. The user can activate the emergency on his cellphone. See Emergency Activation. The emergency will be sent out to the following agents simultaneously: The Monitoring Center will receive the emergency and trigger the alarm showing the entire emergency information. […]

Emergencies in the Monitoring Center

You will be receiving the emergencies that the panic button users activate in the Monitoring Center.  In order to access the Monitoring Center, you need to select it from the Menu  or click here. Note that you can have as many monitoring center windows as you need open simultaneously. Alarm Activation: Upon activating an emergency, an alarm will […]