Panic Button

Finalizing Emergencies

To better understand how to activate an emergency, see Emergency Activation. To learn about the life cycle of an emergency, go to ​Emergency Life Cycle.​ Finalizing an emergency consists of 2 stages: Finalization on the part of the person responsable for the security in the web platform. Confirmation on the part of the user that has […]

Emergency History Reports

Buy going to Menu> Emergencies > Panic History, you will be able to see all the information regarding panic button activations. By clicking on Search, you can filter the information by the name of the person that has activated the panic or by the date in which the emergency has occurred. The emergency list consists of: […]

Configuring Panic Button for Android

This article explains how to configure the Panic Button App on an Android device, as well as on the web version. 1. On your cellphone: Once you have downloaded the Panic Button App (See Downloading the Panic Button App) and have opened it, you will have the option to configure the App by clicking on the Settings option on […]

Emergency Activation

The Guarnic panic button App can be installed on cellphone devices with Android, Blackberry and IOS operating systems. See Downloading Panic Button App. Note: See Activating Panic Simulation to check whether your activation has been successful. This is important for preventing the triggering of false alarms that may result in fines for your clients. Each operating system allows for a different form […]

Downloading Panic Button App

In order to download the Guarnic Panic Button App on your cellphone device, you have to go to the Play Store or App Store. Search for Guarnic Panic Button. Select the first option and install it. Once you have installed the App, you will be able to access your account and begin using Guarnic. The top bar will […]

Managing Panic Button Users

The panic button users are the ones that can access the Panic Button App in order to activate emergencies. You can easily manage them from the platform.  In order to create a new user you have to: Go to Menu> Emergencies > Manage Users, where you can search for users, add new ones, or edit/delete the existing ones. […]

Managing Points of Interest for Panic Button Users

The persons that can access the panic button need to configure a fixed position for assistance. This can be their house, apartment, office, property or any other building that is a permanent location of this person. In order to add a new point of interest, you have to go to Menu> Emergencies > Points of Interest. […]

Activating Panic Simulation

It is important that you can test the Emergency Activation without triggering a false alarm. This is why the panic button application has a simulation mode. On all operational systems, in simulation mode, you will have 30 seconds to activate an emergency simulation.  Upon activation, the system will receive the emergency and will display a notification that the emergency […]

Emergency Life Cycle

This article explains the functionalities of the activation, alarms, information sent and emergency finalisation, all triggered by the panic button. The user can activate the emergency on his cellphone. See Emergency Activation. The emergency will be sent out to the following agents simultaneously: The Monitoring Center will receive the emergency and trigger the alarm showing the entire emergency information. […]

Emergencies on Guard Cell Phone

This document explains how an emergency is received and viewed on the active guards’ cell phone. Upon activating an emergency, the active guards of the respective client will receive a notification on their cell phone. These notifications are displayed both with a sound and vibrate alert and can be viewed in the Active Panic notification bar. […]