To better understand how to activate an emergency, see Emergency Activation. To learn about the life cycle of an emergency, go to ​Emergency Life Cycle.​

Finalizing an emergency consists of 2 stages:

  1. Finalization on the part of the person responsable for the security in the web platform.
  2. Confirmation on the part of the user that has activated the emergency.

1. Finalization:

An emergency can be finalized on the web application in 2 ways. From the emergency record in MenuEmergencies > Panic History, choose active panics and inside the panic information, you will find a Finalize red button. Another way is to go to Monitoring Center or click on the central de monitoreo icono icon and select the emergency you wish to finalize. Among the available buttons, there will be a Finalize option. 

Once you have clicked on one of the Finalize buttons, you will be prompted to enter a finalization description. This information will be recorded as a reason for finalizing the emergency and the user that has activated it will receive it on his cellphone device. In the same page, you have to select the option: I understand that I am responsible for the user emergency finalization. Lastly, click on the Save button in order to complete the finalization process.

2. Confirmation:

Upon finalizing the emergency on the web platform, the user will receive a message on his cellphone device, indicating the reason for finalization, so that he can subsequently accept it and confirm the finalization. Before the user has finalized the emergency on his cellphone device, you will see the emergency as still pending on the web platform, highlighted in green.