Emergency History Reports

Buy going to Menu> Emergencies > Panic History, you will be able to see all the information regarding panic button activations. By clicking on Search, you can filter the information by the name of the person that has activated the panic or by the date in which the emergency has occurred. The emergency list consists of: […]


Whenever a guard has exceeded the speed limit preconfigured for the carrying out of his route, an automatic alarm will be sent out to the monitoring center. Here you can view it in real time. If you go to Guards> Speeding, you can see at any given moment the alarms that were triggered and make sure that […]

General Indicators

By going to Guards > General Indicators, you can view the number of guards that you have, their working hours and the respective average per guard, total distance run, average speed and assigned routes. If you click on Filters, you will have the option to filter your search by date, selecting a desired interval. Also, you will have access to each […]

Assistance Reports

In order to access the information for guard assistance, you have to go to Guards > Assistance Reports. You can filter the search by guard and/or date, selecting a desired interval. Once you have completed the search, you can view the field containing the guard name and the number of work hours he has completed. To receive more information, you […]

Interval Reports

In Menu> Guards > Interval Reports, you can filter the automatic reports of your guards by the number of days and hours you need. This report allows for knowing how many guards were active in the selected date range.  If you click on one of the points on the graphic, a pop-up will appear, indicating the name of the […]

Alarm History

In order to learn about the alarms that are generated during your guard patrols, you can go to Guards > Alarm History. At any given moment, you will be able to access your alarm record, both active and inactive, and see the following information: Alarm Type: Route Non-Compliance, Connectivity/Device Off, Speeding, Lack of Movement, GPS Signal/ Low Accuracy, Guard Proximity, Battery Low. Guard: Guard […]

Battery Reports

By opening your account and going to Guards > Battery Reports, you will have access to the reports showing the average battery consumption per hour and per guard. At any given moment, you can check if there has been an increase in the battery consumption and at what time this has occurred. You can filter your search by […]

Starting and Ending a Session

In order to start working, a guard has to begin a session with his username and password on his cellphone device. There are 2 ways to utilize a guard user: Creating a user with a first and last name for each guard. This is the recommended way, since you can subsequently use the assistance reports […]

Automatic Email Configuration

Each time you complete an important action in the system, an automatic mail will be sent to your mailbox. You can configure the types of emails you want to receive by going to Options > Emails The emails that you are able to receive are the following: Panic activation: you will be receiving an email each time a […]

Patrol Reports

Go to Menu> Guards > Patrol Reports, where you will be able to find all the information pertaining to the guards patrol compliance. You can filter the results in a monthly, weekly and daily format. By clicking on the    icon, you can see the compliance details of the selected patrol. The report will contain the number […]