Whenever a guard has exceeded the speed limit preconfigured for the carrying out of his route, an automatic alarm will be sent out to the monitoring center. Here you can view it in real time.

If you go to Guards> Speeding, you can see at any given moment the alarms that were triggered and make sure that no guard has exceeded the maximum allowed speed. You can make a query based on guard name, speed limit and/or date, selecting a desired interval.

Once you have selected a date and time range, you will be able to see the information in a bar chart form, where each bar stands for the number of guards that have exceeded the speed limit set in your search and the respective time in which this occurred.

The vertical line represents the number of guards and the horizontal line represents the date and time.

By selecting a column, you will see the list of guards that have exceeded the speed limit during the specific interval.

Then, you will be able to choose a guard and view the complete route details.