In order to start working, a guard has to begin a session with his username and password on his cellphone device.

There are 2 ways to utilize a guard user:

  1. Creating a user with a first and last name for each guard.
    This is the recommended way, since you can subsequently use the assistance reports and guard timesheet. What is more, you will be able to easily access all the tasks, events, notifications and positioning associated with the person who has completed a certain patrol. Also, by you recognizing the work that each guard has completed, they would be more committed to fulfilling their responsibilities and will take better care of their equipment.
  2. Creating a user with a generic name or position.
    This is the option that is not recommended. For instance, a guard user calls “Station 5”. You have the option to create a guard user for each position and never close the session, but this way you will lose all the important information from the above-mentioned step.

Note: While patrolling, the guard needs to ensure good GPS reception, therefore by using his cellphone device outdoors. It will allow for better position accuracy.