Go to Guards > Position Reports to access all the information on guard movement during the patrol.

You can search for the information by date.

  • Choose a time range.
  • Click on the Search button. A list will appear with the guard names that have been active during the selected range.
  • Click on the  ver  icon to see a simulation of the selected guard’s movement.

In a graphic form, you will be able to see the evolution on the guard movement and you will have access to the following information:

  • Speed.
  • Position accuracy.
  • Date and specific time to the second.

On the map, you will be able to use the following icons:

  • localización: Make the map follow the guard movement simulation.
  • play&pause vista recorrido: Click on the Play icon to view the guard route replay. You can press Pause at any given moment.
  • velocidad vista recorrido: Choose the speed in which you want to view the route replay of the selected guard.

Note: The Share option will allow you to share the reports only with persons that have a Profile associated with this client account. For more information, see Report Sharing.