This document explains how an emergency is received and viewed on the active guards’ cell phone.

Upon activating an emergency, the active guards of the respective client will receive a notification on their cell phone. These notifications are displayed both with a sound and vibrate alert and can be viewed in the Active Panic notification bar. The guard can examine the notification bar for reviewing all the panic information at any given moment.

Available information:

  • Real time position and movement of the cell phone activating the emergency.
  • Position of point of interest (home, workplace, etc.)
  • Personal data: name and last name, age, landline and cell phone.

The cell phone as well as the Monitoring Center can manage multiple panics simultaneously. When activating more than one emergencies, they will all be displayed in a list, making it easier for the guard to select the emergency that he wants to view.

The guards do not have control on Finalizing the Emergency, since this can only be done from the Monitoring Center. However, they will receive updates on its status. When the administrator initiates the finalization, the guards will receive a notification on their cell phone and the system will be displaying a green box with the name of the person who has activated the panic, thus indicating that it is pending finalization.

When the person that has activated the emergency completes the finalization, the guards will receive another notification indicating the completion.