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Build Guard Tours Easily

We encourage our users to build multiple routes. After all, its super easy to create and assign them.


Assign or Simply Activate

Choose between assigning routes to one or several guards or activating a route to be accomplished by all active guards.


Automatic Reports

Get automatical reports with compliance percentages for all routes at the end of each one straight to your e-mail.


Choose between GPS and NFC Checkpoints

Mix route checkpoints between GPS and NFC depending on checkpoint needs. Want to know when supervisors arrive to clients? Set a GPS point. Want you check an underground guard tour? Then use NFC.


Simple Accomplishment Goals

Set the amount of expected checkins by checkpoint, this will determine the accomplishment percentage. Fine tune checkpoints by setting minimum time and wait for other point to make sure your guards move.


Automatic Start and Finish Hours

Set the time at which routes start and finish. They will be automatically activated and stopped on guard cellphones.

Easy For Guards

Our guard tour system helps understand guard progress in a simple screen. They just make sure checkpoints are green by the end of the shift.

Works Offline

No connection? No problem. All checkpoints marked will be sent as soon as connectivity is restored.


Detailed Information

Guards can see detailed information about pending checkins, GPS checkpoint positions, timeouts and inactive checkpoints.


View Completion in Real-time

Every time a guard marks a checkpoint, the completion bar for the route gets automatically updated. You can also see who checked-in, where and the exact time.


Historical Compliance

View historic guard tour compliance aggregated by day, week and month. Check detailed information down to each checkin.


Share Information

Give access to guard tour information to colaborators, employees and even clients to easily build trust and gain transparency with key stakeholders.

Guard Tour System in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Create

Creating a new tour is as simple as selecting the checkpoints and setting how many times they should be checked. That is what will determine the accomplishment percentage.

Step 2: Assign

Decide if you will assign the route to some or all guards simultaneously. Assign them once or ad-hoc. Guards will receive new routes instantaneously.

Step 3: Relax

Now you will receive an email every day at the end of each patrol route with the compliance percentage. You can also check realtime checkins and historic info by day, week and month.

We are much more than “just” a Tour System

Event Management

Guards can generate events with images and categorize them.

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