Security Guard Events

Stay on top of all security guard events with images and positions and receive them automatically by email.
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Understand Event and Task Management in 34 Seconds:

We Really Mean Real-Time

Synchronize Everyone in the Team

Everyone that needs to know about an security guard events can receive it. This includes employees, clients or external suppliers.

Automatic Emails

Receive events seamlessly by email. They include images , state and comments.


Get Alerted

Anywhere you are in the dashboard you will be alerted for new incoming events so you never miss anything important.

Two Way Communication


Send and Receive Messages

Communicate effectivelly between guards, managers, supervisors and clients through simple text messages associated to all security guard events.

Historical Records

Keep every conversation record for future reference. Eliminate confusion or misunderstandings with straight forward messaging.

Geo Reference

Store Position

Know exactly where all security guard events where generated from and keep track of historic movement as well as in realtime.

Asociated Patrol Round Checkpoint

Events generated within guard tour checkpoint range are automatically asociated to the event. This allows to filter all events generated close to one or more checkpoints.

We are much more than an Event Management System

Tour System

Create powerful routes with GPS and NFC Checkpoints.

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Task Assignment

Assign tasks to guards and receive notifications when finished.

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Panic Button App

Offer people being protected by guards a powerful panic button app.

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