Yes you can. Guarnic allows you to store a standard event record.

The events allow each guard to notify the monitoring center for any suspicious activity or unexpected occurrences during his patrol. See Events In Guard App. The notification is sent out to the monitoring center immediately, can be viewed in the Events menu and is thus registered in the database.

Also, this represents an alternative to the traditional event record method and allows you to collect a massive event history in the cloud that contains all registered events. In the Guarnic Guard App, the guard has the option to edit the events that have already been registered.

Finally, in order to manage your events easier, you can add a category to each one of them. You can even add statuses and customise them by color (for instance, open, close, pending, high priority, etc.) In this way you can add and link tags in a fast and easy way.

These all contribute to an effective event management.