In order to add a patrol (see Managing Patrols), you need to select RFID/NFC checkpoints (tags):

  1. If you have not registered your NFC tags, see Registering RFID/NFC Checkpoints. If you have already done so, follow the steps below.
  2. In the Tag Name box, you have to enter the checkpoint name that you wish to associate with this patrol. Since you have already registered a tag, the system will give you the available options as soon as you start typing.
  3. Select a minimum interval (hours and minutes), meaning the minimal time that has to pass before the guard can return to the same checkpoint and activate it.
  4. Click on the Wait for Another Checkpoint option, if you want the checkpoint to be activated only after another one has been marked.
  5. Choose the number of estimated checkpoint passes for this checkpoint (how many times the guard has to pass through this chekpoint during his patrol).
  6. Save the new checkpoint that you have created by clicking on the Save green icon.
  7. Repeat the same steps as many times as necessary in order to create a set of RFID checkpoints for your patrol. Once you have completed the process, click on the Save blue icon to save your new patrol.