Upon filtering a report, a Share button will become available.

This option allows for sending an email with the link to other system users with the same report that you have filtered.

Note: The link will work only, if the user to which you have sent it has permission to access that report on that client. For more information, see Link Profiles to Clients.

  1. In the report sharing screen, you need to enter the a few letters of the name or last name of the person you want to share it with. Then you will be able to see the different options and select the one you want. After you have selected it, the list of recipients will be generated.
  2. Then you have to enter a description, so that the users will know what the report is about. There is no message length limit, nor one for the number of users that you can share the report with.

To remove any person that you have selected, you only need to click on the X on the right of the name.

Upon selecting the Share option, all the selected users will receive un email with the link for accessing the report, as long as they have logged in with their username.