The persons that can access the panic button need to configure a fixed position for assistance. This can be their house, apartment, office, property or any other building that is a permanent location of this person.

  1. In order to add a new point of interest, you have to go to Menu> Emergencies > Points of Interest.
  2. On the left side, you will be able to see all the places that you have created, the number of users for each of them and the options to delete and/or edit any point of interest.
  3. To add a new point of interest, you first need to search for its precise location on the map and click on it once. The icon indicating the location will appear immediately: nuevo punto de interés
  4. Enter a name to identify your point and then press on the Save button.

In case you want to search for another point, you can enter its full name or a part of it in the Search field.