A patrol has a set of non-consecutive checkpoints that one or more guards has to pass through in any particular order. Each point has a specific number of passes and a minimum time interval before it can be activated again.

In order to create a patrol, go to Guards > Manage Patrols.

  1. Click on the New button, enter the patrol and checkpoint name in the top field on the left.
  2. Chose whether the patrol is going to apply to all your guards (General), or only for one, in this case select Individual. If the patrol is General, you can set up a Timeframe by clicking on the respective option. This way you will determine the timeframe in which the patrol has to be completed.
  3. Select the checkpoint you wish to create: RFID/NFC (see RFID/NFC Checkpoint Patrols) or GPS (see GPS Checkpoint Patrols). Remember that you can add the same patrol with both GPS and RFID/NFC checkpoints.
  4. Repeat the same process as many times as necessary to create the set of RFID and/or GPS checkpoints for your patrol.
  5. Once you have completed all the checkpoints, click on the Save blue icon to save your new patrol.

Note: Regarding step 2, if you chose the Individual, you have to assign the patrol to a guard by clicking on the  asignar guardia icon.

At any given moment, you can edit your patrol by clicking on  editar. You can also add and remove checkpoints, and/or change the checkpoint specifications. You can delete the entire patrol by clicking on eliminar.