In order to create a new patrol, you need to go to Guards > Managing Patrols.

By clicking on the New button, you will be are able to create a patrol. (For more information see Managing Patrols).

If the patrol needs to be carried out with GPS checkpoints, you need to:

  1. Select a location on the map (remember to use the zoom to have a better accuracy when creating the checkpoint).
  2. Choose a checkpoint radius, meaning the maximum distance (in meters) between the guard cellphone and the control point where the checkpoint will be marked.
  3. Choose the minimum interval (in hours and minutes), meaning the minimal time that has to pass before the guard can return to the same checkpoint and activate it.
  4. Click on the Wait for another checkpoint option, if you want the checkpoint to become active only after the guard has marked another checkpoint.
  5. Choose the estimated passes through this checkpoint (how many times the guard has to pass through this chekpoint during his patrol).
  6. Save the checkpoint you have created by clicking on the Save green icon.
  7. Repeat the same procedure for all other GPS Checkpoints pertaining to this round. Once you have added all the checkpoints, you can click on the Save blue icon to save the new patrol.