Manage automatic sending of event

To make easy the flow of information from the guards to the supervisors and clients, we can manage  automatic sending of e-mails according to: Category and checkpoint near where the event was created Event Status

Events in Guard App

From the Guarnic Guard App, your security personnel will be able to generate any type of event as soon as they have occurred. Go to the application menu, chose the New  Event option, enter the event description, a system category (one will be created by default) and the event status, which will have two options by default: Open […]

Managing Events

In Menu> Events > Manage Events, you can view, delete    or edit all vents in any way you want. The first page will display the existing events, their status, date, description, who created them and the categories they are listed in. In order to edit an event status, you have to click on , enter a comment that […]

Managing Categories

The categories are used for identifying similar events. In Menu> Events > Categories, you can edit  or delete  existing categories. In order to create a new category, you have to: Go to Events > Create Events. Click in the Category field. Click on the New button. Put in a name and description. Click on Save.

Managing Event Statuses

The events generated in the web application and in the guard application all have an assigned status. The system has created by default two statuses: Open and Closed. You can add, edit and delete statuses in Menu> Events > Status. In order to create a new status, click on New button. To edit and delete statuses, use the  and   respectively from the status list. In this […]

Event Tags

The event tags allow you to quickly locate events. Adding and assigning a tag to an event is very fast and very simple. In Events > Create Event, underneath the event description, there will be a Tags field.  In order to add a new tag, you simply need to start typing in the field. If the […]